Let off steam at The Breakroom, Asheville’s first rage room

Find out why The Breakroom is all the rage right now.

Inside of one of The Breakroom's three rage rooms.

See what awaits you in one of the three rage rooms.

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Throw it, smash it, break it. Any way you slice it, you now have a safe outlet to let your big feelings loose thanks to Asheville’s first rage room. Today, Wednesday, Sept. 6, is the day that The Breakroom officially opens its doors at 1054 Patton Ave., welcoming folks in to smash their cares away.

Co-owner Kelly Lucy notes that you don’t have to be angry to have a good time here. The mission at hand is to “come in, have some fun, and break things.”

How to have a smashing time:

Visit The Breakroom’s website to reserve a 30-minute session in one of its three rage rooms. Three people are allowed per room.

For your safety, it’s important to dress for the occasion. It’s recommended that you wear shirts with long sleeves and pants that cover your legs. Protective gear like face coverings, glasses, and coveralls will be available.

Once you’re suited up and ready to go with your bat in hand, you’ll enter the rage room to find glass bottles, computer monitors, safes, and more. Plus, you can add big items like guitars and flatscreen TVs to the room for an additional charge.

Lobby area of The Breakroom with glass bottles on display and an air hockey table.

Keep the adrenaline rush going with a game of air hockey.

Photo by AVLtoday

Have extra glass bottles or breakables you want to get rid of? Feel free to drop them off at The Breakroom — or you can bring them to your own smashing session.

Ready for your big break? The Breakroom is open Wednesday through Sunday from 2 to 10 p.m.

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