Sunflowers are blooming at Grandad’s Apples N’Such in Hendersonville, NC

Find apples, baked goods, and sunflowers at Grandad’s Apples N’Such.

Close-up of a sunflower in a field at Grandad's Apples.

So lovely and proud.

Photo via @grandadsapples

Great news: the folks at Grandad’s Apples N’ Such (2951 Chimney Rock Rd., Hendersonville) say their sunflower field will be blooming just in time for Labor Day weekend.

So while you’re there loading up on apples and new bakery treats — like an ice cream sandwich made with vanilla soft serve + apple cider donuts or an apple cider slushee topped with vanilla ice cream and crumbled caramel apple cookies — be sure to stop by and admire the sunflowers stretching to the sky for the last little bit of warm, summery sunshine.

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