Take a peek inside the historic Princess Anne Hotel

The hotel is hosting two seasonal events, including a three-course Thanksgiving Dinner and a two-day Golden Girls celebration.

Princess Anne Hotel

A postcard of the Princess Anne Hotel from the 1940s.

Photo courtesy of the Buncombe County Special Collections.

Today — at your request — we’re looking at another one of our city’s fifty local historic landmarks: the Princess Anne Hotel. This three-story, shingled building first opened in 1924 during Asheville’s economic boom, and though its changed hands several times over the decades, it’s remained a fixture of North Asheville’s East Chestnut Street.

The hotel was initially built to provide a respite for the families of tuberculosis patients, many whom were treated at a nearby sanatorium on Baird Street. Nurse Anne O’Connell originally ran the hotel and was dubbed “princess” by her patients due to her flowing red hair and charismatic nature. She ran the hotel for several years before selling it in 1929.

Princess Anne Hotel Lobby

A negative photo from the 1950s of the lobby and staircase at Princess Anne Hotel.

Photo courtesy of Buncombe County Special Collections

Over the following decades, the building served as a WWII military hospital, boarding house for retired folks, and — at one point — even passed into the hands of The Beatles’ former spiritual leaders. Finally, in 2003, preservationist Howard Stafford bought and renovated the building, transforming it into the the 16-suite hotel we know today. Soon afterward, it even earn the 2006 Griffin Award by the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Princess Anne Hotel

The Princess Anne Hotel in the 1940s.

Photo courtesy of Buncombe County Special Collections

Experience this historic gem for yourself at one of these two upcoming winter events.

Attend the hotel’s three-course Thanksgiving Dinner, which runs 12-3:30 p.m. Tickets are $50 per person — plus wine and drink specials for an additional fee. Call (828)258-0986 to reserve a table.

The hotel will also host two days of Golden Girls-themed events from Monday, Jan. 16- Wednesday, Jan. 18. Highlights will include performances by NYC’s premier Golden Girls Drag troupe The Golden Gays — plus swag bags, costume and door decorating contests, a Lazoom Comedy tour, themed dinners and brunch, and scavenger hunts. Call (828)258-0986 to make reservations.

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