Ten questions with Franny Tacy


Franny Tacy celebrates the opening of her newsest shop in the South Slope. I Photo via Franny Tacy

There are some folks that are synonymous with Asheville, and Franny Tacy is undeniably one of them. Often dubbed the “hippie in high heels,” Franny is the entrepreneur + CEO behind the multi-million dollar franchise Franny’s Farmacy and the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina.

We sat down with Franny to discuss her work. Keep reading to discover the causes she supports, her favorite local movers + shakers, and the award-winning classic country crooner who bought her her first beer.

What brought you to Asheville?

I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. My dad was a cattle farmer and my mom worked in finances, so I guess those were two ideal occupations to inform how I turned out. I loved country music and the Nashville music scene. Fun fact: Kris Kristofferson bought me my first beer when I was 15.

I always loved the land and wound up living out west for a while. I went to Flagstaff Forestry School in Arizona and rode bikes and canoed the Rio Grande. I was a special education teacher and also worked as a pharmaceutical rep for 13 years. But none of that fed my heart. I fell in love with cannabis out west and already loved land and farming. When the time came, I made my way back east, and I started Franny’s Farm in 2012 and planted my first hemp crop in 2017, following hemp’s legalization here that year.

Describe your perfect day in Asheville in the length of a Tweet (280 characters).

My perfect day would be on my farm with my soul man and my goats and my donkey Abigail. I would do some yoga and meditation and cook healthy food from the land. I travel about 50% of the time, so JUST being at home on my farm would be bliss.

Name 3-5 other local leaders, influencers, or movers + shakers you’re watching.

I love the sponsors for the LEAF Foundation. Every spring and fall, they support global youth music by working to support the universal language of music. I love the folks at Mother Earth Foods. They support over 300 local and regional farmers. The people at Explore Asheville do the important work of keeping the tourists coming.

You can only choose one local restaurant menu to bring with you to a deserted island — which one is it and why?

This one is hard, but I‘m gonna say Green Sage Cafe. It’s locally owned + operated, and it offers lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and juices.

What’s something every Ashevillian should know about?

I believe compassion is the way forward. In our city, we have a huge crisis of homelessness, people who are hungry, who are struggling with addiction. We need to acknowledge this and know that compassion is vital to helping people overcome their problems. We have to care for others as we care for ourselves.

Can you tell us about something you’re working on that you’re super pumped about?

Our new food line, Pasta & Prana. It’s hemp-based pasta, it’s absolutely delicious, and it’s an affordable way to deliver nutrient-dense food to folks who need it.

Can you tell us about anything new that’s coming in the future?

Our new CannaCafe at our South Slope dispensary. It serves our newest products, including chakra teas (we grow a lot of the ingredients) and hemp baked goods, like lavender lemon cookies. We’re also working in the field of sustainable green design with hemp wood.

What’s something every female business owner should know about?

It doesn’t matter your color, creed, or whatever. In an industry dominated by men, your greatest comrades and collaborators will be women.

What is your favorite thing about Asheville?

I love that you can create anything here. Yourself, your business, whatever you want. Our city is full of creators of all kinds. We have the land and the people. I couldn’t do this work in any other city but Asheville.

What do you think Asheville will be known for in 10 years?

We’re known as Beer City, USA, and I hope in the future we’ll be known as Cannabis City, USA.*

*Disclaimer: Cannabis City is a registered trademark of Cannabis City in Seattle Washington, but we can still hope.

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