Test your civic knowledge with this quiz from Carolina Public Press

Shore up on all the important voting facts and laws in North Carolina before this year’s election.


The Raleigh State Capitol building.

Photo by @tarltonpolk

Voting is meant to be an accessible and straightforward process — however, even the sharpest civic minds may find themselves a little confused when it comes to our state’s election laws.

That’s why Carolina Public Press put together this 10 question yes-or-no educational quiz, featuring frequently asked questions from NC residents.

Our favorite part about the quiz? If you get a question wrong, it immediately provides a thorough explanation of the law’s nuances. For instance, when AVLtoday Editor Laura took the quiz, she mistakenly thought one could change their political affiliation on Election Day — and the quiz gently reminded her that political affiliations must be changed at least 25 days before Election Day.

All in all, Laura ended up with an 90% — here’s to that score (hopefully) making her high school civic teacher Dr. Rubin proud.

Think you can match that score or better? Give it a go and shoot us an email letting us know how you did.

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