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Try This: Making real-world impact with UNC Asheville students

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UNC Asheville offers a dynamic, leadership-focused, relationship-driven education. | Photo by the AVLtoday team

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Branded Content Editor Stephanie here. 👋 Fun fact: I’m a UNC Asheville alum, and I recently had the opportunity to swing by my old stomping grounds and see what’s going on at UNC Asheville these days.

Read along to find out more about what a day in the life of a UNC Asheville student is really like.

What we tried:

📍First stop: The chemistry labs at Zeis Hall.


Chemistry student Sam S. says one of her favorite things about UNC Asheville is the hands-on opportunities. | Photo by the AVLtoday team

First, I got a chemistry lesson. At UNC Asheville, the classroom experience is engaging, innovative, and much more fun than just reading a textbook just ask the student researchers who are working directly with Drs. Amanda Wolfe and Ryan Steed on groundbreaking, NIH-award-winning research to develop an antibiotic for drug-resistant strains of bacteria.


UNC Asheville chemistry students in the lab. | Photo by the AVLtoday team

📍Next stop: Highsmith Student Union


Student Health Ambassadors provide protective gear, resources, access to info on COVID-19 testing sites, and more. | Photo by the AVLtoday team

Next, I met two Student Health Ambassadors who shared more about the program. Thanks to their work in educating + supporting their fellow students, UNC Asheville had among the lowest rates of COVID-19 transmission of any UNC System school during the pandemic.

📍Last stop: Campus entertainment office


Planning student life activities sets students up for success in their future careers, and these students nailed it. | Photo by the AVLtoday team

Last but not least, I chatted with two members of the homecoming court who played a big part in planning homecoming weekend (which was in full swing during my Fri., Feb. 25 visit). How was the Bulldog spirit this year? Electric.

What not to miss:

The hands-on learning opportunities. Whether students are working with public health leaders, synthesizing protein, or bringing a big guest to campus, there’s always an opportunity to jump in, get involved, and gain valuable experience for their future careers.

What we’re still talking about:

The impact that UNC Asheville students have. Here’s just one example: UNC Asheville students intern with 20 nonprofits and government organizations each summer through the SECU Public Fellows Program, working directly with local leadership and giving back to the community.

How you can experience this:

Prospective students and their families can schedule a campus visit on UNC Asheville’s website. Tours run on weekdays.

Pro tip: Plan your visit on a day you can catch some Bulldogs baseball — and bonus: tickets are free this season, thanks to Ingles.

Things to know if you go:

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