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Try This: Stretch your stress away at Asheville Yoga Center 🧘

Whether you want to unwind, get toned, or all of the above, Asheville Yoga Center’s vast offerings can help make it happen.

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Folks preparing for the soothing relaxation that comes from the WARM Gentle and Restorative Yin class with Shala.

Photo by AVLtoday

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Does stress have you feeling twisted? City Editor Brook here, and I recently had the chance to try two different classes at Asheville Yoga Center. Life’s had me feeling more than a little frazzled lately, and I was thrilled to discover that these classes left my body and mind feeling relaxed + replenished.

I also learned there are more types of yoga than you can shake a stick at, and the folks at AYC take the time to help students find their own ideal class(es) based on their interests and abilities. So yoga is really for every body.

Want to loosen up your mind and body? Here’s how you can Try This.

What we tried:

Asheville Yoga Center offers a vast array of yoga classes and styles. I tried the WARM Gentle and Restorative Yin class with Shala and the WARM AyurYoga Hatha Flow class with Nishita. While both were fabulous, I preferred the deep, full-body stretching I got from AyurYoga Hatha Flow. Peep the full schedule.

What not to miss:

rack of yoga equipment

AYC has all the yoga equipment you need in order to get the most out of your yoga session.

Photo by AVLtoday

The atmosphere. AYC offers both virtual and in-person classes, and though both options are good, it’s the welcoming environment of the studio that’s the cherry on top. From the warm staff to the studio’s amazing prop walls full of items (including mats, blocks, pillows, and bolsters galore) to help you make the most of your own practice, a visit leaves you feeling certain you just found your new happy place.

Another cool thing about an in-person visit? AYC’S collaborator The Ayurvedic Institute is right next door. Talk about making access to a wellness hub easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What we’re still talking about:

In addition to a dizzying array of courses, AYC is also launching brand new programs in January designed for folks looking to begin their teaching journey or just learn more about yoga. Interested? Learn more.

A shop with 2 rows of tables with products on top

Don’t forget to peruse the shop before or after class.

Photo by AVLtoday

Something else we loved? The selection of local refreshments to quench your thirst, including sips from Buchi, Devil’s Foot, and Shanti Elixirs.

How you can experience this:

Want to experience AYC for yourself? Whether you want to check out classes or pursue teacher training, stop by the studio (211 S. Liberty St.), check them out online, email them, or give them a call at (828) 254-0380. Pro tip: New students can try five studio classes for a discounted rate of $45.

Things to know if you go:

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