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Relax and recharge in Asheville Salt Cave’s unique environment

Enjoy massages, salt therapy, and more in Asheville’s only sustainable salt cave.

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A couple in the steam room at Asheville Salt Cave

Detoxify and exfoliate your skin in the Hammam steam room.

Photo by @avlsaltcave

Looking for a serene spot to sooth your body and mind? Meet Asheville Salt Cave — a wellness spa housing 30 tons of pink Himalayan salt and an abundance of relaxing energy.

From the Dead Sea to the Himalayan Mountains, the cave’s mineral rich salt comes from all over the world to create Asheville’s only sustainable salt cave.

Asheville Salt Cave offers unique wellness services like:

  • Salt Therapy — Relax to ambient music in a zero gravity chair, surrounded by serene pink salt. The Salt Cave is designed to mimic the micro-climate of a naturally-occurring cave.
  • Massage Therapy — From therapeutic to Swedish massages, each session is tailored to fit your specific needs. (Psst... try a private couples massage.)
  • Hammam — This steam room treatment, inspired by ancient Turkish and Moroccan bathing traditions, is designed to detoxify and exfoliate the skin.

Bonus: Shop for organic and hand-crafted wellness goods in the Salt Boutique.

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