Asheville is the main site of feature film “Malcolm’s Mountain”

“Malcolm’s Mountain” highlights the Asheville area with a story of grief and friendship.

Malcolm's Mountain

The crew filmed at L.O.F.T of Asheville on Broadway St.

Photo by Angela Roote

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Asheville’s film scene has been booming as of late. And there’s another feature film to add to the hype.

“Malcolm’s Mountain” is a partially scripted film from Los Angeles-based studio Carsick Pictures. It centers around the character Malcolm, a divorced car salesman from London, played by James Clossick. After losing his best friend, Malcolm travels to the Appalachian Mountains to attend the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival, an event they had always dreamed of experiencing together. Then, he embarks on a journey to fulfill his friend’s dying wish — delivering an antique compass to the peak of Mount Mitchell.

The title, “Malcolm’s Mountain,” shouldn’t be taken so literally. Director Andrew Blackburn shares, “the idea that this journey he’s going through is really about getting over the mountain of grief that he is dealing with after the loss of his friend.”

The film puts Asheville in the spotlight with scenes filmed at local hot spots like Honeypot Vintage, L.O.F.T. of Asheville, and Hi-Wire Brewing, as well as landmarks like Black Wall Street. Plus, the scenes depicting the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival were actually shot at Salvage Station’s The Big Secret Festival.

The story behind the film

The film was partially inspired by the director’s television show HOME, as well as his real life friendship with actor Graham Christopher. In the show, Graham’s character maps out an Appalachian journey to take with his best friend. After filming the pilot, Andrew wanted to make a film following the two men on the road trip. But sadly, Graham passed away about a year after the pilot was filmed.

“Malcolm’s Mountain” honors Graham, following the journey he had laid out, introducing Andrew to the Asheville area. “Basically what we’re doing is following this trip that he plotted out for us, but it’s his best friend taking the trip in his absence,” says Andrew. “But in reality, it’s me and James taking this trip that we had hoped to do with our friend Graham.”

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