The snowiest days in Asheville history

From dustings to blizzards, we have a long relationship with snow here in the mountains.


Snowfall in the Blizzard of ’93

Photo by Steve W.

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Did our recent first snow of 2023 make you pine for some more of that magical frozen white stuff? We can relate, so we’re taking a little look back at the history of snow here in the 828.


Us, Southerners, trying to act like a little snow doesn’t bother us.

Photo by Sara J.

Here are some snowtable fast facts about Asheville’s relationship with snow days:

❄️ Other heavy snowfalls Asheville experienced:

  • 15 in. of snow, April 4, 1987
  • 15 in. of snow, Jan. 26, 1906
  • 16-20 in. of snow, March 13, 1993
  • 11 in. of snow, Dec. 18, 2009

❄️ The snowiest calendar months for Asheville:

  • January (1.9 days average snowfall)
  • February (1.5 days average snowfall)
  • March (.9 days average snowfall)

❄️ The earliest snowfall Asheville experienced:

  • Oct. 23, 1923

❄️ The latest snowfall Asheville experienced:

  • April 25, 1910

The good news for snow lovers? Meteorologists are predicting a colder winter with above-normal snowfall, with the coldest periods occurring in late January and mid- to late February. ❄️

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