City and County staff present updates on strategies to end homelessness

The team shared progress in five key strategic areas, from creating a strong foundation to investing in the future.


The Buncombe County Commissioners joined the Asheville City Council to hear the update.

Back in January, the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) presented the Asheville City Council and Buncombe County Commissioners with five recommendations to address homelessness. Following a Continuum of Care model, the NAEH report offered these strategies to reduce local homelessness by 50% over two years.

Last Monday, Dec. 4, the Council and the Commissioners received a progress update. Let’s see where the strategies stand.

  • Creating a strong foundation: Strategy one included eight priorities and 32 action steps, like increasing partnership + coordination between the City and the County. The staff reported that nearly all of these priorities and action steps have been completed.
  • Implementing evidence-based and inclusive policy: Strategy two had 17 short-, medium-, and long-term steps, seven of which are in progress or complete. This strategy included the Homelessness Learning Series, which had 174 participants in October and November (you can still attend a session in December).
  • Improve system performance through program design: For strategy three the team outlined the funding of increased shelter capacity through December of 2024. Also part of this priority, the Buncombe County Community Paramedic team facilitated 1,148 peer support sessions and helped 158 individuals start medication-assisted treatment, among other accomplishments.
  • Data and reporting: Strategy four includes the System Performance Committee, which has a key role in the Homeless Management Information System. This strategy involves two priorities and five action steps, one of which is in progress.
  • Invest in the future: Strategy five detailed the expansion of local Permanent Support Housing, including Compass Point Village and Step Up in Asheville. More permanent and rapid rehousing units are planned for 2024.

Commissioners and the City Council will receive regular updates as additional progress is made.

Watch the meeting + see the full presentation to get all the details strategy progress. If you want to become a member of the Continuum of Care, you can submit an application.