What Ashevillians googled this year

2023’s Google Year in Search is out — check out what Ashevillians were searching most this year (it might surprise you).

what did Ashevillians google most this year?

Did you search “Eras Tour dates” this year? So did the rest of the US — but this is what Ashevillians were googling on a more local level.

Photo by @ashevillepictures, graphic by 6AM City

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It may come as no surprise that Damar Hamlin was one of the most-searched people on Google this year, but what about the fact that Asheville was the only place in the US with “fishing near me” as a top trending search?

2023’s Google Year in Search is out, and its local search function provides an interesting peek into our city’s queries. Take a look at what we were searching most this year (plus, our answers to your searches — we may not be Google, but we know a thing or two about where to find pre-loved items and trinkets).

Unique local searches

  • Top trending TV show | “The Last of Us” on Max
  • Top trending tour | Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

The fact that “AVLtoday” wasn’t a top local search only hurts our feelings a little bit. There’s always next year.