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6 things to do with your Thanksgiving visitors

Keep your out-of-towners entertained and give yourself an excuse to explore our city.


Introduce your holiday visitors to all that our city has to offer.

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If you’ve got company coming to town for Thanksgiving, playing host can be an intimidating role. Besides preparation for the actual holiday, you’ve got to keep the crew entertained for their whole stay — and after a while, your house may start feeling more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey.

But before you break out the Monopoly board again or start a futile search for some movie that everyone can agree on, we’ve gathered just a few suggestions for showing Asheville off to your out-of-towners.

Introduce the great outdoors

The Land of the Sky is well acquainted with alluring landscapes, and as long as your visitors have packed a couple of layers, this is the perfect chance to show off Asheville’s great outdoors. You can set out on a scenic hike (always enforcing the leave-no-trace principle), or safely meet the local wildlife population at the WNC Nature Center, which is only closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Get in the holiday spirit

Asheville is chocked full of seasonal cheer. Peruse our preview of the local holiday season to find everything from turkey trots to holiday markets, enchanting light displays to high-spirited shows — and give your guests a chance to eat, drink, and be merry.

Share the culinary culture

Unless y’all are just huge fans of leftover sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, you and your guests will want to explore the city’s flavorful fare and delicious drinks. If you’ve got to please a crowd, a local pizza spot is an easy, tasty choice. And by the end of the trip, you’re sure to need some caffeine to keep you going — so take advantage of Asheville’s coffee scene.

Take in some live tunes

Even during the holidays, the city’s musical schedule stays strong. No matter the genre or vibe, you can find a live show at a nearby venue that all your guests will love and let them give a listen to the talent that takes the local stage.

See Asheville on the silver screen

Okay, so we did say earlier that finding a movie that everyone will enjoy is impossible — but when it’s Asheville on the screen, that search becomes a lot easier. You’ll get to rattle off film facts and point out familiar locations, and your guests will get to see the city from a new point of view. Look out for downtown in “Bull Durham” or scenery around Black Mountain in “The Hunger Games.” Plus, the Hallmark premiere of “A Biltmore Christmas” happens on Sunday, Nov. 26.

Unwind with post-holiday self-care

This might be just for you after the guests are gone — but holiday hosting is a full-time job that you’ll probably need time to recover from. Winter is the perfect time to warm up and wind down at a sauna (like Sauna House or the wood-fired Drip Sauna) or go with the flow in a yoga class.

How do plan to entertain your holiday guests? Let us know, and we may share your answer in an upcoming newsletter.

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