Your guide to distilleries in Asheville, NC


Aren’t they purty? | Photo via @cultivatedcocktailsdistillery

Amidst Asheville’s $935 million brewing industry, it can be hard to take off the beer goggles — but it’s worth remembering that our distilling scene also has roots, with our moonshine legacy dating back to (at least) the early 20th century.

Raise your glass to these five Asheville distilleries, and pay them a visit if you can.

Eda Rhyne | 101 Fairview Rd.

  • Traditional herbal liqueurs are a specialty of owners + distillers Chris Bower and Rett Murphy. The spirits take direct inspiration from WNC’s expansive collection of medicinal and edible plants, fusing them with modern moonshine techniques to create earthy, complex concoctions such as Spicebush vodka, Appalachian fernet, and amaro. Order online or check out the Biltmore Village tasting room to sample the spirits in specialty cocktails.

Chemist Spirits | 151 Coxe Ave.

  • Gin is the name of the game at this South Slope locale, which opened alongside the adjacent cocktail bar Antidote back in 2018. The spirits are “New Western” style, meaning traditional juniper flavors are downplayed in favor of botanicals like orange, lemon, cardamom, and mint. Also available: single malt whiskey, bierbrand, and gin liqueur.

Cultivated Cocktails | 25 Page Ave.

  • This creative downtown distillery runs the gamut from rosé gin to coffee liqueur to “Steel Horse Whisky.” Book a tour to learn more — or sign up for the subscription box that lets you imbibe without even having to leave the house.

We like big stills and we cannot lie. | Photo via @howlingmoondistillery

Dalton Distillery | 251 Biltmore Ave.

  • Caribbean and Appalachian-influenced rum is the focus at this family-owned spot, but there are also fun concoctions like organic blue agave and “Appleachian” vodkas.

Howling Moon

  • If you’re itching for authentic ‘shine, you’ll appreciate Howling Moon’s 150 year-old recipe for “Mountain Moonshine.” They also offer their Appalachian elixirs in peach + apple pie flavors. While there’s no taproom, you can always order online or track some down here.

Hankering for more craft liquor? Just outside of Asheville, there’s also Oak & Grist in Black Mountain and Two Trees in Fletcher

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