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The latest data on nonalcoholic beverages and where to drink them in Asheville

Learn what it means to be sober curious, the current popularity of nonalcoholic beverages, and where you can enjoy a mocktail in Asheville.

a line of walk asheville's nonalcoholic spirits

W.A.L.K. crafts its mocktails with a variety of nonalcoholic spirits.

Photo via @walkavl

Now more than ever, data shows that consumers are experimenting with what it means to be “sober curious.” The result has been a spike in sales of nonalcoholic beverages and a declining interest in alcoholic drinks.

Here are a few stand-out stats:

  • Total dollar sales of nonalcoholic beverages grew by 20.6% between August 2021 and 2022. Nonalcoholic beer accounted for 85.3% of those sales.
  • 36% of US consumers reported to have “lost interest in drinking alcohol in general” while 13% reported to be “interested in alternative nonalcoholic beverages.”
  • Sales of nonalcoholic beer, wine, and spirits rose from 0.22% of total alcohol sales in the US in 2018 to 0.47% in 2022.
  • Global Market Share predicts that the nonalcoholic drinks market will grow to $30 billion by 2025.

Wanna know where you can enjoy a mocktail in Asheville? These are some of the local spots we love + what to drink there:

  • Burial Beer Co. | And Yet Here You Are nonalcoholic IPA has a contemplative name and a pale, crisp flavor.
  • Haywood Common | Whether shaken or stirred, the MerTail MerTini will become your go-to hydration tonic.
  • Little Jumbo | The brightly botanical Shoots and Leaves mocktail has Seedlip Garden 108, Maine Root Spicy Ginger Ale, and celery bitters.
  • Roll Up Herbal Bar | The Something Sweet mocktail from this pop-up bar features strawberry, peach, coconut water, and almond milk.
  • W.A.L.K. | Order one of the house margaritas with Ritual NA tequila for a classic sweet, sour + citrusy treat.

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