Fun fact about NC’s strawberry industry

Plus, places to get your U-Pick on.

red, ripe strawberries

That’s a flavor explosion for your mouth waiting to happen.

Photo via @wncfarmersmarket

Spring in the mountains means fresh produce for days. We’re pumped for strawberry season, especially since we learned some super cool facts about the strawberry industry here in the Tar Heel State.

  • NC strawberries are bona fide: the luscious red fruits are the NC’s official state berry.
  • When it comes to strawberry production, North Carolina ranks No. 3 in the country for most strawberries, bested only by California and Florida.
  • NC primarily produces three varieties of strawberries: Camarosa, Chandler, and Sweet Charlie.
  • Harvest season typically runs from mid-April to early June.
  • Coolest of all? Nearly all the fruit produced in NC is sold direct to consumers at farm stands, local supermarkets, and U-pick spots.

Want to get your hands on these scrumptious berries? Swing by the WNC Farmers Market or peep these area U-Pick spots.

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