Here’s what Asheville Googled the most in 2022

Apparently, we were all on the hunt for an aperol spritz recipe.


Head to Bouchon for the cocktail everyone was craving this year.

Photo by @avlbouchon

Google dropped the Asheville area’s top trending searches from 2022, and we’re here with the results. Spoiler alert: We continue to be as niche as ever.

🦉 Does this dragon-like bird look familiar to you? It should, since the great eared nightjar was the top trending animal search in the Asheville area. Fun fact: They live nowhere near Asheville, residing in Southeast Asia. So what was the fascination, y’all?

🆎 We were one of only three cities to search for “plasma center near me.” While we don’t have a plasma donation guide, this might be a good time to recirculate our story on how to donate blood in Asheville.

🍹 For most-searched recipes, the aperol spritz came out on top. City Editor Laura is guilty of having contributed to this one. She recommends this recipe from Bon Appétit. Craft it with Buchi kombucha and swap the aperol for Burial Beer’s “Bleeding Into Ubiquity” fortified wine, and Google no more.

🎤 “Concerts near me” was our tenth most popular local search. Stay tuned for those on our events page — plus, we’re getting pretty excited about Hippo Campus at Rabbit Rabbit on Saturday, May 27 and Mt. Joy at Harrah’s Cherokee Center on Thursday, April 20.

Explore everything else we Googled this year. Got a local search the internet did not help answer for you? Tell us and we’ll get right on it.

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