Stream these 5 horror movies made in Asheville

From creepy indie short films and cult stories to the psychological thriller Hannibal, Asheville is home to plenty of choice horror selections.

As It Is In Heaven

A still from As It Is In Heaven.

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What’s creepier than watching a horror movie? Knowing that the spooky concept was sourced from the mind’s eye of your neighbors. In honor of Halloween, we’re sharing five scary films that have been produced, filmed, or written in the Asheville area.

The Nest

As a critic from Bloody Flick’s puts it, this 2021 film “drips with dread” as it follows a mother whose reality erodes around her as she becomes suspicious that her daughter may be infected by a manipulative parasitic creature. The movie was directed and written by locals James Suttles and Jennifer Trudrung, respectively.

Where to stream: Netflix, VUDU, Google, Redbox, Fandango, Tubi

As It Is In Heaven

This eerie, suspenseful 2014 film follows the story of a man who is called to lead a small religious sect after the death of the “Prophet.” Directed by Western Carolina University film professor Joshua Overbay, the film was lauded by the New York Times for cooking a “surprising amount of tension from the barest minimum of ingredients.”

Where to stream: Amazon Prime, Google Play


In this short-form psychological thriller, a man’s reality becomes increasingly paranormal as his girlfriend Amelia’s depression heightens. Written, directed, and produced by Kira Bursky and Robert Gowan.

Where to stream: YouTube


This famous 2001 psychological horror was partially filmed in the Asheville area. Many of those scenes — in which Anthony Hopkins plays the iconic escaped killer and cannibal Hannibal Lector — take place at The Biltmore House.

Where to stream: Tubi, Amazon Prime

The Ebbing

In this 2019 short film, written by “The Horror Queen of Asheville” Jennifer Trudrung, a desperate mother is haunted by nightmare visions and clues about what happened to her missing daughter.

Where to stream: YouTube

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