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Try This: Relax + recharge with Hydrate Medical’s hydrating IV drip

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The helpful staff create a relaxing experience | Photo by the AVLtoday team

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The holidays are a whirlwind that can leave you depleted. If you’re a nap devotee, you’ll be interested to learn that I — City Editor Brook here — recently found a more effective treatment for what ails your tired spirits than a few quick winks: an IV Hydration Drip at Hydrate Medical. Read along to find out how you can Try This.


The med spa atmosphere is super relaxing | Photo by the AVLtoday team

What we tried (with pricing):

On a bustling December day, I arrived at the new Hydration Medical Asheville (190 Hendersonville Rd.). The staff set me up comfortably in a private room while I perused the 13 IV options designed to deliver fluids directly into the bloodstream for rapid hydration. I opted for the Hydrate Wellness/Immune Boosting drip ($129).

I barely felt any discomfort, and noticed after about 10 minutes, I started to feel incredibly relaxed. As the day progressed, I didn’t feel my typical afternoon slump, and I was pleasantly surprised to wake up the following day feeling energized.

What not to miss:

The convenience factor. A treatment takes ~1 hour from the time you walk in and out of the door. (Read: you can schedule a drip during your lunch break.)


In addition to the Asheville office, Hydrate Medical has six locations around NC + SC | Photo by AVLtoday team

Can’t make it to the med spa? For an additional fee, the Hydrate Medical team will come to you for a treatment. This is a great option for anyone with a party or wedding where you need a boost beforehand or a drip to help you combat a hangover.

What we’re still talking about:

The experience was very relaxing (and totally manageable even for someone who isn’t the biggest fan of needles). Each room at Hydrate Medical was designed to feel like a soothing, spa-like experience.

You can get single, double, or group rooms for your hydration session I Photo by AVLtoday team

Bonus: Some rooms feature TVs or speakers for music, so you can choose the environment that makes you feel the most comfortable during a treatment.

How you can experience this:

While walk-ins are welcome, Hydrate Medical recommends making an appointment. You can call (828) 365-6044 book an appointment online.

Things to know if you go:

  • Experience: IV Hydration Drip at Hydrate Medical
  • Price: $129
  • Website: https://asheville.hydratemedical.com/
  • Address: 190 Hendersonville Rd. Suite 30, Asheville, NC 28803
  • Hours: Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Fri.- Sun., 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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