11 life hacks every Ashevillian should know

From free cups of coffee to the Westgate Wormhole.


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Photo via City of Asheville

Living in Asheville is generally a grand time, but that doesn’t mean we’re immune to parking woes, long lines, and other pedestrian hassles.

Enter: These 11 life hacks from our neighbors on R/Asheville and Instagram to help make life a little easier.

1. “You can get ZOOM passes if you’re a library card member.” - R/yodelayodelay

2. Get a Go Local card — @sheekgardens

3. “Go to the actual [French Broad] Chocolate Factory instead of standing in the line downtown.” — @almacurran

4. “The Asheville Tool Library.” — @meg_reilley_photography

5. “The Blue Ridge Parkway is almost always closed in the winter… to cars. Want to ride your bike on the Parkway but don’t have a death wish? Do it on a 60 degree day in February. You can check what sections are open and closed on the BRP website.” — R/JARL_OF_ASHEVILLE

6. “A good number of people who move to Asheville buy hiking gear, kayaks, SUPboards and such, then only use them a few times. On Craigslist and GearSwap you can find good deals...” — @jellywoodchuck.

7. "[You get a] free cup of coffee when you purchase a bag of Summit Coffee beans.” — @wheninasheville

8. “Know which lane to stay in on the Bowen Bridge so you don’t die.” — @abandonedwnc

9. “Get used to eating dinner early. Like 5 p.m. early. That way when you go out to eat, you can usually get a table right away.” — @MetaverseSleep

10. “Asheville has an app that you can report potholes and other things on. I’ve seen in some local Facebook groups where folks have had success submitting tickets, and seeing results from the city using it.” — R/Punkadunk_booboo

11. “The Westgate Wormhole.” — R/brooke_heaton (This means using the Westgate Plaza exit on I-240, but not actually exiting the highway, to skip a bit of Patton Ave. traffic.)

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