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WNC Nature Center welcomes nine baby wolves

Congratulate American Red Wolves Oak and Gloria on being first-time parents.

One of the baby wolves

Pup’s first checkup.

Photo by WNC Nature Center

WNC Nature Center’s American Red Wolves, Oak and Gloria, have welcomed nine new members to their pack. The center shared the announcement of the new pups through an adorable Instagram post.

The litter was born in late April and remain under veterinary care during their first few weeks of life. Folks at the WNC Nature Center promised to share more updates on the newborns in the coming months, warning us they’ll grow up fast.

Since 1990, the WNC Nature Center has been part of the American Red Wolf Recovery Program, working to ensure the survival of this critically endangered species. The WNC Nature Center is home to 60 species of animals native to southern Appalachia. Explore how you can support its mission of conserving our community’s biodiversity.

Head to the Nature Center to see if you can sneak a peek of the baby wolves. Meanwhile, we’re wishing Gloria a very happy Mother’s Day.

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