Asked: What are your Asheville resolutions going into 2024?

As we approach the new year and a season of change, we want to know what our readers and followers are wanting to accomplish or work on in 2024. Make your resolutions with us.

Snowy sunrise on the blue ridge parkway

A new year and its resolutions are on the Asheville horizon.

We’ve all been there, folks. A new year rolls around and you’re posed with the question of what you want to change or achieve. That’s why here at AVLtoday, we’re treating resolutions a little differently — we want to know, what are your Asheville-specific resolutions?

Maybe you’ve lived here your whole life but there are sights you’ve never seen, or maybe you’re still getting used to the area and want to feel more like a local. Big or small, we want to hear them all. To get you started, we’ll go first.

Editor Molly here. I’m very good at making and writing down resolutions. I get pretty notebooks and use colorful pens to make aesthetically pleasing lists of all the things I want to do in the new year. Actually following through on those beautifully formatted lists is another matter — but now I have y’all to keep me accountable.

  • Join a book club. I’ve already got plans to attend our local Silent Book Club, but I’ll also be stopping by Pack Memorial Library’s Local Book Club Fair to see what Asheville is reading this year.
  • Get me and my dog, Reginald, back into the hiking habit on our local trails.
  • Recommit to my love for the stage by taking up theater as a hobby again.

Editor Grace here. Unlike Molly, my resolutions usually live in my phone’s Notes app, buried beneath grocery and to-do lists. But with a new year comes a fresh start, so instead I’ll be sharing them with you all.

  • Get better sleep. But just in case that doesn’t work out as planned, I’ll continue to rely on our local coffee shops to keep me caffeinated.
  • Regularly attend yoga classes. I love to head to a studio for a relaxing flow when I’m feeling stressed, but this year I’m aiming to make the classes part of my regular routine.
  • Try my hand at fermentation. I’m excited to put the fermentation kit I picked up from Fermenti to good use — pickles will be the first order of business.

Your turn — show us the new you. You might just see your answer in an upcoming newsletter.

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