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A television frame overlooking the Asheville city skline

“The only tv worth watching”

Photo by Ansley F.

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The votes are in for the AVLtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. Check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

Winner: The only television worth watching

Congrats to reader Ansley F. for taking 25.7% of the vote with this stunning and unique capture. The contest may be over, but we’re staying tuned in to this view, which we think is deserving of six seasons and a movie.

Finalist #1: Daikaiju at the Grey Eagle during AVLFest

Daikaiju performing at AVLfest in Asheville

“Daikaiju at the Grey Eagle during AVLFest”

Photo by Chuck S.

Reader Chuck S. deserves a round of applause for scooping up 18.2% of the vote with this lively shot of Daikaiju’s performance. If you’re itching to experience the music and energy of AVLfest again, you can go ahead and secure your tickets for the four-day festival taking place Thursday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 4. In the meantime we’ll be patiently waiting to see which local artists are on the lineup.

Finalist #2: View from Elk Mountain Scenic Highway

A view across the valley from elk mountain scenic highway

“View from Elk Mountain Scenic Highway”

Photo by Leo T.

Our mountains here in WNC are awfully photogenic, so it shouldn’t be surprising to find them featured in the finalists — but this fog-blanketed view (with only a glimpse of the city) is particularly stunning.

Finalist #3: Asheville Downtown

The theater is in the foreground and the Jackson Building is in the background.

“Asheville Downtown”

Photo by Joshua O.

With local landmarks the Fine Arts Theatre and the Jackson Building squeezed into one shot (and a mention of Dame Helen Mirren), we had to select this high-contrast image as a contender.

Finalist #4: Downtown after dark

View of the Asheville skyline after dark

“Downtown After Dark”

Photo by Lisa S.

We love a striking view of the city all lit up — capturing the beauty of our architecture and of life after the sun goes down.

Finalist #5: Red Wolf from the WNC Nature Center

Red wolf from WNC Nature Center staring into the camera

“One of the Red Wolf puppies born at the WNC Nature Center this summer”

Photo by Karen T.

Time has flown and now the nine baby red wolves that the WNC Nature Center welcomed in late April are all grown up — and looking striking as ever.

Finalist #6: Asheville Mardi Gras Parade

A person dressed up for the Asheville Mardi Gras parade.

“Mardi Gras parade in Asheville — my fave AVL event!”

Photo by Carol M.

This vibrant picture has us counting down the days until the Mardi Gras parade and all the color + celebration to come. Mark your calendar for Sunday, Feb. 11.

Finalist #7: Venetian masquerade ball

A couple in Venetian masks stands on a balcony at the masonic temple. The picture is in black and white.

“Venetian masquerade ball at Masonic Temple”

Photo by Leanna E.

This sincere moment from October’s Carnivale in Venice Masquerade Ball at the Asheville Masonic Temple has our hearts melting.

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