A guide to Asheville, NC’s most marvelous murals


Two queens comprise one of Asheville’s most iconic murals. I Photo by AVLtoday.

Whether it’s mountain vistas, Instagrammable spots, or public art, pretty much everywhere you look in Asheville offers glimpses of incredible beauty. One of the most prolific examples? Our sensational street art. Sometimes inspirational, sometimes provocative, and always just plain cool, the following is our guide to the city’s most marvelous murals.

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Photo by AVLtoday

Stay True

This latest iteration of Ian the Painter + Ishmael’s iconic silo mural in the River Arts District brought us great comfort during the pandemic.

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Photo by AVLtoday

Triangle Park Mural

A collaborative community mural between members of nonprofit Just Folks and artist Molly Must, the murals at Triangle Park (located at the intersection of Sycamore Alley and South Market St. in The Block) celebrates and pays homage to Black Asheville’s historic business district.

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Photo by AVLtoday

Dolly & RuPaul

In a surprise Easter gift to the city, country music royalty Dolly Parton was teamed up with the only other icon worth her weight in wigs, drag performer + singer RuPaul when Gus Cutty finished his addition to the mural on the side of West Asheville’s Beauty Parade (783 Haywood Rd.)

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Photo by AVLtoday

Lexington Avenue Gateway Mural

Covering the 6 supporting concrete piers of the I-240 bridges over downtown’s Broadway Ave., these murals showcase Asheville’s culture, through history and into today by highlighting music, agriculture, noteworthy locals + more. Created by nonprofit Arts2People’s Asheville Mural Project, these murals inject some flavor into your commute or stroll.

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Photo by AVLtoday

Fender Bender

One of RAD’s most iconic pieces, this mural by NYC artist Jerkface features a mashup of Homer Simpson and Futurama’s Bender. ProTip: admire this while eating a Simpsons donut from Stay Glazed Donuts (22 S. Pack Sq.)

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Photo by AVLtoday

Cellarest Beer Project

This stunning 3D mural from Gus Cutty at Cellarest Beer Project (395 Haywood Rd.) looks like a forest scene coming out of the building.

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Photo by AVLtoday


Arguably the newest mural of the bunch, this collaboration between Donnie Destro + Ian Wilkerson was revealed in late June on the side of Emote (508 Haywood Rd.)

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Photo by AVLtoday

Hello Asheville

Gus Cutty also added the legendary Lionel Richie to the side of The Orange Peel (101 Biltmore Ave.) back in Feb. 2020. DYK the crooner played at that spot back in the day when he was the frontman for the Commodores?

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 5.39.55 PM

Photo courtesy of Ian Wilkerson

Catawba Falls

Ian Wilkerson brings the brilliant beauty of Catawba Falls into downtown along the stairwell connecting Battery Park and Wall St.

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Photo by AVLtoday


Kathryn Crawford’s colorful mural decorating the side of AVL Tacos & Taps (R.I.P.) made each visit a feast for the eyes, too.

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Photo by AVLtoday

Joan of Arc (Ella)

This piece from Ian Wilkerson at Beacham’s Curve (where WestBase Coworking is located) in West Asheville is widely regarded as Joan of Arc, but Ian says it’s a tribute to his daughter Ella. We especially love the inspirational text in the bottom right corner encouraging female empowerment, which includes the words “Arm her with freedom” and “Foster her strength.”

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Photo by AVLtoday

Down Dog Yoga

The only thing cuter than a Frenchie is a building sized one, and this one from Gus Cutty along Down Dog Yoga Studio & Dog Bar (51 Sweeten Creek Rd.) is as adorable as they come.

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