Mocktails in Asheville, NC

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Why stop at Dry January? There are plenty of local restaurants + bars serving up handcrafted, booze-free cocktails year-round. Here are some of our favorite sips that will get you lit sans spirits.

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The Ginger Peach Spritz I The Montford Rooftop Bar, 199 Haywood St.

Sweet, tart, and a little bit spicy, this drink features Devil’s Foot sparkling peach lemonade for some festive bubbles. Oh, and if you’re not feeling like being social and sipping it from The Montford’s scenic rooftop bar, you can opt to whip up this drink at home. Get the recipe.


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Jazz Hands I Little Jumbo, 241 Broadway St.

Do you love a beverage that’s almost too pretty to drink? This mocktail, created by Little Jumbo’s head bartender, features almond-flavored syrup, orgeat, lemon, lavender bitters, cardamom, Seedlip Drinkscitrus alcohol-free spirits, and is garnished with a strawberry.

Mertails cocktails I Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse, 121 Biltmore Ave.

Locally made Mertails herbal elixirs make a lovely and tasty base for mocktails. In addition to flavor profiles like citrus, Chai, and aloe, each also offers its own unique blend of botanicals to help boost relaxation, focus + hydration.


Photo courtesy of @avldispensary

Rose Royal Tea I The Asheville Dispensary Elixir Bar, 919 Haywood Rd., Suite 111

This West Asheville CBD dispensary has 15+ kinds of mocktails, as well as coffee and tea drinks. This tea-based mocktail features rose water, tulsi, star anise + local honey for a soothing drink that’s perfect for cooler temps. Oh, and if you want a different kind of buzz? Just add a shot of CBD.

Happy L’il Cloud I The Buchi Bar, 116 N. Lexington Ave.

Everyone loves happy l’il clouds, and this one tastes as sublime as Bob Ross’ look. Made with rich coconut cream, orange dreamsicle syrup, burlesque bitters, and cherry juice, it’s so good you’ll want to drink it all year. Want even more booze-free Buchi drinks? Check out seven of its mocktail recipes, or stop into the bar itself and enjoy a flight of flavors.


The Red Herring I Goldfinch Cocktails & Kitchen, 122 Cherry St., Black Mountain

Tired of winter? Toss back a glass of straight liquid sunshine with this mocktail which highlights the sweet taste of summer cherries by blending simple syrup, muddled mint + sparkling cherry limeade from Devil’s Foot. Oh, and you can make it yourself thanks to the recipe.

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