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Pilot program to annually award new Western Carolina University students

WCU is helping to bridge the gap and make attending college more affordable for North Carolinians.

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Students gather around a firepit outside of Shining Rock Residence Hall at Western Carolina University

“I am proud that we as a university can make a program like this happen and I’m tremendously excited for all the good it will do,” says WCU Chancellor Kelli R. Brown.

Photo provided by Western Carolina University

Securing financial aid or a scholarship can make the difference of someone continuing their education or not. To help North Carolinians turn their college dreams into a reality, Western Carolina University is launching Catamount Commitment, a new pilot program that annually provides new first-year students from NC a GPA-based financial award.

“The Catamount Commitment program has the potential to be a huge game changer for WCU and incoming students regarding affordability,” says WCU Chancellor Kelli R. Brown. “It will be one extra step to help alleviate some of the financial burden students face.”

Here’s a breakdown of the awards (based on high school GPAs):

  • A 4.00 or higher GPA can earn $3,000 annually
  • A 3.80-3.99 GPA can earn $2,000 annually
  • A 3.65-3.79 GPA can earn $1,500 annually
  • Those who gain admission and have a GPA up to 3.64 can earn $1,000 annually

Learn more and see if your student qualifies for the program. Become a Catamount.*

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