From Old Crow to Stay Weird: RAD’s silo art

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Good Vibes by @breannamarie + Stay Weird by @avltoday

Last weekend a pretty noticeable change hit the River Arts District as the old silo was painted from saying “Good Vibes” to “Stay Weird.” It was updated by local muralists Ian the Painter and Ishmael who collaborated on the original message 5 years ago and decided it was time for a change. The two artist funded the project out of their own pocket.

We asked our readers what you thought about this change + here is what some of y’all said 👇

  • “That art is fluid and will change again in a few years, enjoy and be grateful to the people who have created it. I like it, and i liked it before too.” – @intentionaldesign
  • “Bring good vibes back!!!” – @meg_reilley_photography
  • “Prefer Good Vibes. Everyone is trying to Stay Weird, even Orlando.” – @annalauren47
  • “Both messages are equally appropriate! ✌️” – @leoluna11111
  • “I love it. Normal is boring.” – @linneaheideart
  • “we miss OLD CROW” – @ohnoandyisateen
  • “Good vibes is for weak people. Bring back OLD CROW” – @underneath_asheville
  • While the responses were an array of both love and hate for this new mural, the mention of “OLD CROW” had us reminiscing. And, for those of you who need a refresher of that silo mural click here.
  • “Change is good!, this has been a five-year collaboration with @ishmael.lords. We funded this project right out of our own pockets each time. And it cost just a bit more than you might think. But it sure is fun.” – @ianthepainter

So, whether you love it or hate it – Asheville is lucky to have local painters who celebrate the city through their art. Bonus: For those of you wanting to see more local art, check out the graffiti walls by Wedge at Foundation + Summit Coffee (4 Foundy Street) in RAD. They’re refreshed regularly by a team of local painters during the Burners and BBQ event (the last one was in 2017).

And, to kickstart ideas for the next mural, tell us what you’d like the old silo to say next here. ⬇️

Personally, I loved “Good Vibes,” but I also think change is always refreshing and “Stay Weird” is definitely fitting for our city.

But, I will say I wouldn’t be opposed to the next mural saying “Beards. Beers. Mountain Vibes.” Asheville’s own The Office spinoff. 😏

Stay weird, Asheville, and share your good vibes.


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