24 reader questions for 2024 in Asheville

Ask your questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them throughout the year.

View of an orange Asheville sunset with cars driving in the foreground.

What will be on the horizon this year?

Every year brings a whole slew of reasons to have Asheville pride. Who knows what new restaurants might open, what new local initiatives we’ll see, and what art exhibits will come into town? One thing is certain: We want to write about what matters to you the most.

That’s why we’re polling the crowd for questions you want answered in 2024 — any piece of Asheville life you’ve always wanted to read into with your morning cup of coffee in hand. Want to know where to get the best nachos? Stories of local legends? Highlights of small businesses? The lowdown on construction happenings?

Submit your burning questions to influence the stories you’ll read next year. It’s our resolution to answer 24 of them. Stay tuned as we bring you the answers you want most + watch the rest of the year unfold.

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