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Meet Lounge Juice, your new main squeeze

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Two boxes of Lounge Juice and two cans are sitting on a counter. Behind them, out of focus, are commercial dryers bathed in red and blue light.

Tropical Double IPA Lounge Juice is the first of two flavors planned for Highland’s Lounge Juice series.

Photo provided by Highland Brewing

Highland Brewing is letting the good vibes flow with their latest year-round beer.

Lounge Juice Tropical Double IPA is a sweet, juicy, flavor-packed DIPA available in groovy 19.2-oz cans and six-packs.

With notes of pineapple + passion fruit and a rich, hoppy flavor, it’s the kind of goes-down-easy bev that’s perfect for a citrusy summer day.

Lounge Juice debuts as a new beer family for Highland as the 30-year-old family-owned brewery continues to widen its capabilities.

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