Protest artwork in downtown Asheville, NC


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If you’ve been downtown over the last few days, you’ve probably seen some of the artwork local muralists have painted on the boards covering the windows of many businesses. The works began after the first night of protests took place here Sunday evening in response to the killing of George Floyd. The project was coordinated by local artists who told us they prefer not to be recognized, as their intention is to amplify the voices of the people they’re protesting for.

Like most of the other street art in Asheville, these images are striking, powerful, and engaging, and are representations of this moment in our city. The works are also fulfilling one of art’s primary social functions: to spark dialogue. Street art in particular — like that created by muralists + graffiti artists — can be especially transformative

We asked y’all what you thought about the murals + it was resoundingly positive.👇


  • “Amazing! Feels like we are holding space for the cause.”  – @lisazahiya
  • “I think they are history in the making and it’d be a damn shame if they didn’t wind up in a museum.” – @gardenandstitch
  • “Beautiful and necessary. ✊🖤”  – @avl_bmb
  • “Love them! We need these visuals!” – @marykatsnow
  • “So wonderful. Art speaks.” – @mermaidsjp
  • “Saddened by all of the hate & violence, but I love the way our town is rallying in support, and these murals are inspiring. 🖤”  – @bluelotusdesignstudios
  • “It looks great and sends message👍”  – @ncwildflower49
  • ❤️Love this❤️ I’m wondering if business and the artists would be open to auctioning off these pieces of art to the public with the proceeds going to BLM causes…” – @ericmichael333
  • “Love them! We need these visuals!”  – @marykatsnow

We’ve seen suggestions of auctioning/selling them + donating the funds to local causes/nonprofits. Other people think the money should go to the artists who created them, or that they be showcased as an exhibit in the Asheville Art Museum when it reopens.

What do you think should happen to the murals? Tell us below. And be sure to scroll down to see our collection of downtown’s latest murals.