Try This: E-bike sunset tour in Asheville, NC

Asheville Adventure Company’s e-bike tours offer accessible natural excursions.

A group of people riding through the autumn trees on an e-bike

Asheville Adventure Company’s e-bike tours are fun coming and going.

Photo via Asheville Adventure Company

Looking for an experience that combines the great outdoors, accessible exercise, and glorious vistas with a touch of history? Asheville Adventure Company’s E-bike Sunset Tour fits the bill.

We recently got to try one, and we’re still riding high from the experience. Here’s how it went.

We arrived at Asheville Adventure Company around 4 p.m. to meet the team and take a few practice laps around the parking lot before setting off on our 14-mile journey from the River Arts District to the Montford area.

Having never ridden an e-bike before, we were pleased to discover it’s essentially just like a regular bicycle, except it also offers levels of adjustable motorized assistance. This really comes in handy when you’re going up some of those hills.

Our guide used hand signals and yelling to let us know what to expect, and our group followed along single file behind him. Pro tip: if you have hearing problems, we recommend riding directly behind the guide to make hearing easier.

Along the way, we made periodic stops to rest, take photos, and get schooled on local history. Stories included the tragic tale of Zelda Fitzgerald, who died in a fire at Montford’s Highland Hospital.

We also caught glimpses of UNC Asheville, Mt. Pisgah, and the Grove Park Inn, hearing stories about those locales as well. We made a brief stop at the Grove Park Inn to take in the views before heading back to Asheville Adventure Center, where we were greeted with a local beer (or water).

We loved getting some exercise, and really appreciated the boost our bikes gave when we needed it. Folks in our group ranged in age and ability, and we all appreciated the e-bike’s comfort and ease. Best of all? Our group even glimpsed a black bear.

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